Saturday, October 13, 2007

Club Industry - Day 2

The second day of Club Industry started with the early morning workout from 7-9 am followed by trade show hours from 11:30-5:30 pm. During the morning workout time Dave and I gave demos to "Jen and Jenn" of CBI - who were in the booth the previous day doing the photo shoot for their magazine. Dave - as usually - did a great job on all his demos and was his usual dynamic self. We even had Jake involved (on the demo side) he ended up giving some of the "models" in the Star Trac booth a demo of the product - the young ladies then proceeded to stay on the equipment and do additional demos for us (hint: it worked extremely well). We also continued to hear a lot of positive comments on how great the product was, how innovative it was, and how no one is doing anything like this etc. Both machines worked great - no issues with it being on carpet etc. I also liked the whole Star Trac male/female (pre-set) demo key - people really "got it" once they got on it and trying the various tempos of the exercises really helped to reinforce how different our product is from anything currently on the market.

The second day was also busy but began to slow down a bit as late afternoon rolled around. Once again the Star Trac group was extremely supportive of our product and continued to bring prospective clients over on a regular basis. It was nice to have Steve, Randy and even Mr. Doody there in the booth throughout the day. Also, I can't express how great it was to be involved with Star Trac for this event - every rep that I spoke to and everyone who did business with Star Trac had great things to say about Star Trac as well as our product. You can see why they have become a leader in the industry - great products and unrivaled service.

Once again a lot of people dropped by to say hello including Ken Germano and Marc Onigman.

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