Sunday, March 2, 2008

Koko Smartrainer: "You Got To Get On It To Get It"

I had a great full-body workout on Friday on the Koko Smartrainer. I am starting a new program developed by celebrity trainer Rob Parr (Santa Monica, CA). Rob has worked with everyone from Madonna to Bruce Willis. The 8-week Koko program that I'm doing is called Building a Better Body and will be similar to his exercise program from his upcoming new book (with the same title) due to hit book stores soon!

What I liked about this particular session was that it went through a full array of exercises that challenged every major muscle group, and the best part was, I did not have two spend 90 minutes at the gym - I was done in about 28 minutes!. I was also awarded the maximum amount of Koko points (1000) following the workout. Your awarded points for, among other things, how well you follow the trainer's directions throughout the workout regarding the amount of weight lifted and the pace of each repetition (i.e. time under tension).
The Koko Smartrainer is currently in health clubs and gyms across the country, let me know if you have tried this technology driven piece of strength training equipment yet. You can check it out next week (March 6-8th) at the IHRSA trade show in San Diego - it will be in the Star Trac Booth.


Anonymous said...

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Michael Wood, CSCS said...

thank you very much - I'm glad you liked it

michael wood