Thursday, January 1, 2009

It All Begins With Day 1

Today's goal: for you to find the time to "fit in fitness." All you need is 30 minutes today. I have received a lot of emails from people asking if they can break up the 30 minutes into two-fifteen or three-ten minute workouts over the course of their day and the answer is YES. There is research out there that shows 3 ten-minute bouts of exercise can be as effective as one thirty minute ssession. My first session of the new year consisted of 20-minutes of shoveling snow (warm-up) followed by a 35-minute session in my garage (yes, it was a bit cold today 26-degrees inside where it's typically 40-degrees). Anyway, after an easy warm-up of 5 min. on the bike and 5 min. on the rowing machines (1100 meters, damping set at 6) and an abbreviated dynamic warm-up, I was ready to go. I ended up doing just two rounds of a circuit program using mainly body weight and some light dumbbells (this circuit was similar to a previous post - see below). I had half a GO Drink post workout followed by 15-min. in the hot tub, yes that was the best part of the workout! I'm hoping this picture of of Mr. Jack LaLanne, who is now 94 years old, will inspire you to find the time to workout today.

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