Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Recent Workouts

Sunday - an easy hour of exercise (outdoors)
Monday - warm-up/performed a strength test on the Smartrainer (see below). I am starting a new 8-week Functional Fitness program that I developed. Session 1, 12 and 24 are strength test in the 32 exercise programs we've developed for the Smartrainer.
Tuesday - easy warm-up on rower and bike in addition to a 5:00 dynamic warm-up. This was followed with a routine on the Rower and Bike that looked like this:

4:00 @ 100W
3:00 @ 150W
2:00 @ 200W
1:00 @ 300+
4:00 @ damping 4
3:00 @ D5
2:00 @ D6
1:00 @ D7
each stage consisted of 4:00 on bike immediately followed by 4:00 on rower, a recovery period and then repeated for 3, 2 and 1:00 stages. On the rower I stayed between 28-30 spm for each stage.
You could use a specific heart rate for each stage if you like - keep in mind these programs are used as your template only - you know your body best - work as hard as your fitness level allows you too - it depends on your goals. Our goal for this month is to make exercise a habit. We are going a minimum of 30:00 each day. If your new to working out then you should try to get about 3-4 sessions in a week.

Wednesday - I did a 30:00 strength program on the Koko Smartrainer (session 2/24). Thursday - After a warm-up I did a circuit using body weight and dumbbells - similar to the workout seen above. Friday - My workout this morning included a 30:00 Hill protocol on the treadmill (level 9) followed by some stretching. My goal is to drop 10 pounds - so I need to focus more on caloric intake and limit my calories after dinner - because it's just not happening - as I tell me clients - focus 60% on nutrition and 40% on exercise - need to listen to my own advice - it works! Saturday - An easy 6:00 warm-up and then two rounds of body weight circuit. Sunday - My workout on Sun. morning consisted of shoveling snow - total time 52:00.

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