Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Week 2

Monday - today starts the second (full) week of training. The goal is simple: try to do some type of activity that gets you moving, raises your heart rate and burns calories each day of the week for the month of Jan. For this first month, it can be exercising, shoveling snow, walking the dog or going for a run - it doesn't matter at this point. Our goal is to simply get you moving on a consistent basis and to make exercise a HABIT. Today's workout consisted of some biking and rowing followed by a 30:00 strength workout on the Smartrainer.
Tuesday - My goal today was to do three different cardio workouts lasting 10:00 each. My goal was to go at a good clip on each. I started off on the bike followed by the rower and then went to my basement on my treadmill. Of the three 10:00 splits - the rower was the best overall workout. In 10:00 I rowed 2377 meters and averaged between 28-32 spm and finished with a heart rate of 150 bpm. Wednesday - Tonight was a 5:00 warm-up on the bike to literally get "warm" - it was only 26-degrees in the garage at 6:30 PM - my strength workout consisted of a session on the Smartrainer that lasted 28:32 - and I finally got back on track scoring a 1000 points for the workout. This is accomplished by getting 100% pace scores on each set that you (among other things). Need to focus more on the nutritional side of things for the rest of the month. One thing that I will start to do for the rest of the month is limit my intake in the evening, especially after 8 PM when I know my metabolism begins to slow down. Since I'm trying to drop a few pounds I simply need to take in less calories and expend more calories on a daily basis (more to come on this topic).Bulleted ListThursday - was a busy day (Julia had a hoop game and we ate out) and as a result I ended up doing a late workout (9:15 PM) in my basement on the treadmill, it was just too cold to workout in the garage. Ended up doing a 30:00 hill protocol. My weight has dropped a few pounds and the key for me is eliminating any extra calories post dinner. Friday through Sunday - Due to schedule and weather I ended up working out three nights in a row on the treadmill. Also had a couple of good body-weight circuit sessions in the garage. All treadmill workouts (including one that was started at 11:10 PM) involved a hill protocol that increased 1% per minute up to 15% incline and then back down following a similiar format. At my body weight (242 lbs) this resulted in about 375 calories expended for a 30 minute protocol. Starting to see a shift in body composition, body wt. has decreased five pounds.

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