Friday, May 8, 2009

Hiking and Trail Running Combo: A Great Workout

Are you looking for something different for your next workout? Try going for a hike or do some trail-running to change things up a bit. Last week I got in my first hike/trail-run in of the season over at the Blue Hills in Milton. My goal was to do one of the short courses involving the Blue Hills Skyline Trail. I had a goal of getting to the top in <30-minutes. I managed to get to the top in 26 min. and back down in about the same time (total time = 53 min.) Following the hike/run I then completed a strength workout on the Koko Smartrainer that took about 0:25 minutes. For me, hiking/trail running is a great way to get outside - you can do it with family or friends - and burn a good amount of calories without the stress of pounding the pavement...give it a try!

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