Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tabata Method Revisited

I have written more than one post in the past that discussed Tabata training. A colleague at work just sent me a great story in the New York Times that talked about high intensity exercise using short work:rest ratios. The article was in Tara Parker-Popes Well Column and this specific article was written by Gretchen Reynold's. I enjoyed reading it, let me know what you think?


Roni said...

a friend introduced me to the tabata training method... love it.

Thanks for stopping my blog. :)

Michael Wood, CSCS said...

Great to hear Roni

it is a great way to get effecient strength and cardio workouts in minimal time - try this - warm-up for 5 min - try doing dumbbell squat to shoulder press - max reps for 30 sec - rest for 15 sec - repeat for 4+ MIn and then cool-down for 5