Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Importance of Yoga

If there was one activity I could recommend to everyone, in addition to strength training of course, it would be yoga. It should honestly be part of everyone's weekly exercise routine. It was not part of my own routine during these last 10 months and I really felt less flexible in certain areas like the low back, hips and calves. I had made it part of my exercise routine for two years up through Feb. 2008 - using it to help me get ready for my climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Once I made the climb I stopped taking classes - but I'm back now and after only two power yoga classes at Open Doors Yoga Studio, I'm already feeling the benefits in terms of increased flexibility and stress reduction. If your looking for something new to add to your routine ...make it a weekly yoga session. Anyone living or visiting the Montclair, NJ area drop by our friends - Deb and Chuck's place Asana House - and try a yoga class or check out one of the seven Open Doors location - if your in Providence try Eyes of the World recently named R.I best advanced yoga class.

see Harvard University Press article on yoga

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