Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fitness Tips for the New Year

If your starting the Exercise 2oo program on Monday January 4th please read an old post titled Five Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals. Remember your goal is to simply accumulate 200 minutes of exercise a week for each of the next 52 weeks starting with week #1 on the 4th. Do as little or as much exercise/day that your comfortable doing - 30 minutes of activity a day over the course of 7 days will get you there!
If my math is correct - for those 52 weeks: 200 min. x 52 wks = 10,400 total minutes or 7.2 days of total exercise.

Best of Luck to All and check back weekly to get some creative ideas on ways to reach your weekly 200 goal. Please don't hesitate to post a comment on the blog to let us know what your doing yourself and for any questions please email me at

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