Thursday, July 22, 2010

Try This Ab Circuit

The key to a strong, functional body is to develop core strength. Your core (abdominals, hips, low back) is made up of approximately 29 different muscle. This is the first area you should think about when designing your strength and conditioning program. Your core performs the following movements: flexion, lateral flexion, rotation, and stabilization. Try this ab circuit program, consisting of 6 movements, that I put together and try it every other day if you have been working out for a while. If your new to exercise try a movement or two and slowly progress with adding additional movements over time and increasing reps/sets. Perform each movement in a circuit fashion (minimal rest).
note: MB = medicine ball
Beginner: Choose 1-2 exercises for 10-12 reps
Intermediate: Full circuit 1-2x each, increasing reps by 2 each week (4-6 wks)
Advanced: Full circuit, replace Lying Abs with Hanging Abs, 1-3x each, increasing reps by 3 each week for 6-8 weeks).

Add this Ab circuit to your current strength training routine, focus on your caloric intake and expenditure, and you'll notice great results in a few weeks...if your consistent!

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