Friday, December 10, 2010

Fun Fitness Facts for Friday

Here are few interesting facts for you to think about on this Friday morning:
  • Did you know that you burn 33% more calories standing compared to sitting?
  • Women with more body fat around the middle are more likely to have osteoporosis as they age.
  • You expend about 100+ calories per mile no matter if your running or walking!                     (above) the key factor is - it takes less time if running (on average 16:00 walk vs. 8:00 jog.)
  • Of the >600 muscles that make up your body...65% are from the waist up!
  • Men who exercise enough (2000 cal./wk.) are 39% less likely to suffer a heart attack.
  • Your less likely to have dementia as you age if you have exercised regularly.
  • Your heart can pump 2000 gallons of blood/day through your blood vessels.
  • No time to exercise? The ave. adults spends 170 min/day watching TV and 101 min./day driving in a car.
  • Only 13% of adults (between age 65-74) report engaging in vigorous exercise.
  • By 2030, the # of older adults in the U.S. is expected to double from 35 to 70 million.
          I'm hoping this makes you want to get out and move a bit...

Resources: The No Sweat Exercise Plan (Harvey Simon, MD)
What Can we Learn About Diet and Activity from Master Athletes? Nutrition Today, 40:6 267-272, 2009

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