Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Activity and Caloric Expenditure in Snow

Two items came to mind today while removing the 12+ inches of snow we received. First, it's always good to be up, away from the computer, and moving outside. Secondly, I thought about how many calories I was actually expending while removing all this snow (shoveling and snow blowing). The average 150 lb. person expends about 6.8 cal/min or 408 calories/hr. shoveling snow by hand. How does this compare to pushing my Troy Snow Blower? Well, that number is only 5.1 cal/min. or 306 cal/hr. for that same 150 lb. person. Sure felt like more!

The bottom line is  - it's all good because it gets you up and moving. The good news for me was that I did get in 7,830 steps (daily goal 10,000 steps).  Here are a few other activities that you may be wondering about that can be done this winter.  All are based on a 150 lb. person and one hour of activity:

Snow Shoeing = 544 calories (my wife told me I need to use my new snow shoes that she got for me)
Cross Country Skiing = 476 calories
Skating = 476 calories
Down Hill Skiing = 408 calories

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