Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Develop Your Own Fitness Evaluation for 2011

Before you know it the first month of the New Year will be past us. How are you doing with your fitness goals for 2011? If things are not going as planned try adding a fitness evaluation on the first of the month (February) to help get you back on track. For additional information on this topic, check out a post from last year. Evaluations are a great way to keep you striving to reach your goals and in turn will keep you more consistent when it comes to your fitness routine. Here are a few markers you can start to track every 12 weeks:
  • Check Blood Pressure
  • % Body Fat measurement (determine your muscle and fat ratio...more important than overall body weight)
  • Body Composition (from above - look to try to decrease fat weight and increase muscle)
  • Waist-to-Hip ratio (waist in inches/hips in inches)
  • Additional Girth measurements (use a Gulick tape measure)
  • Blood profile (cholesterol, LDL, HDL etc)
  • Strength marker: Squat test, Bench press, pull-up, push-up etc)
  • Cardio marker: mile run, 2000 meter row, 12-min. Elliptical test for distance, etc)
  • Power marker: Medicine ball throw, vertical jump test
  • Increase Your Daily Activity (i.e. Steps/day, try standing 5-7 more hrs/wk.)

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