Sunday, January 23, 2011

Koko FitClub Member Changes Life with Smartraining

I was recently down in Belle Meade and Brentwood, TN visiting a few of our Koko FitClub members. There were so many great success stories where members have changed their life with Koko Smartraining. At Koko it's all about the quality of the workout compared the quantity of the workout (which is what most people focus on). We look to develop efficient programs on the cardio and strength side. We do this by developing interval-based cardio session (with audio coaching) and circuit-based strength training sessions that offer periodic strength tests and automatically increase resistance and time under tension on a weekly basis. Members like Don (pictured with me) see on average, a 19-33% strength gain after two 8-week Koko programs.

Don Birdwell is a member from the Koko FitClub in Belle Meade, TN who has quite honestly changed his life. He has lost almost 100 lbs. and has significantly lowered his % body fat level, cholesterol and blood pressure. Congrats to Don and all our members like him!


mary said...

amazing to see the before pic and the after, don in person. meeting you both was the best beginning to my brentwood koko training.

Michael Wood said...

Thanks so much Mary - we enjoyed meeting you too - keep uyp th egreat work and let me know how your doing periodically -

mary said...

i will, thanks michael:)