Saturday, February 5, 2011

Healthy Meal Choices

The winter months can be tough when the weather is so cold that it prevents you from being as active as you would like. When your activity is less than usual - your caloric intake becomes especially important. Such has been the case these past few weeks. So I have been trying make some healthy, nutritious meal choices on days when my wife is not cooking. One such meal that I recently made was a Chicken and Cauliflower dish from Robb Wolf's The Paleo Solution Diet (see page 250). I put four chicken breast into a crock pot and added a cut up head of cauliflower, some tomato sauce, a red pepper, an onion and added some spices and cooked it on low for 4.5 hours - it was great. Next day, I made a great big pot of Lentil Soup w/ Kale. I cut up some carrots, celery and sweet onion and added it to some chicken broth (mixed with water). After letting that simmer for a while, I added a package of lentils and let that brew for an hour. With 15 minutes left I added one of my super foods - Kale. For a high protein, nutritious meal give one or both a try!

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