Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Koko Smartraining Works

I started working out on the Koko Smartrainer 2-3 times a week starting at age 44. Six years later I am 93% stronger since my first baseline strength test dating back to 2005. In addition, I recently lifted more weight than any previous strength test that I have done. In my workout this morning I lifted more weight (26,320 lbs.) than any of the previous 300+ sessions and keep in mind I had a good strength level prior to starting. The great thing is that Koko tracks every data point for me - like how many pounds I have lifted, how many calories I burn, what my Pace score is, etc. Not only do I feel and look better since starting, I am also able to perform every day tasks (see ADL) that much easier; not to mention athletic events like hiking, trail running or even a recent 5k corporate road race held last week in Boston. Even though I did not have a great time I was still able to run the race (without doing a ton of running the previous 6 weeks) because of the "carry-over" from all the Koko cardio and strength sessions that I have been doing. Typically, this is only 2-3 strength and 3-4 (interval-based) 15 min. cardio sessions each week - about 150 minutes a week. Read why it's important to get at least 150 min. of moderate or 75 min. of vigorous exercise each week. I am fortunate enough to have the Koko Smartrainer at our office and even in my home but for those less fortunate please visit Koko FitClub. Check it out if your looking for programs that get great results or if it's time for something new and engaging. A typical member sees a 33% strength gain following their first 24 weeks of training. Members who have been working out on the Smartrainer for more than a year, on average, experience a 41% strength gain. Koko works for me because it eliminates the guess work in terms of what exercise sequence to choose for that day, it cutomizes the volume of work (sets x reps x load) for me on a given day or over the course of a week, as well as through my entire 56-week program track for that matter. It also takes care of telling me when I should do a strength test and how fast should I perform each rep. See what it can do for you!

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