Monday, July 25, 2011

New Book: Exercise for Mood and Anxiety

I just finished reading a new book that just hit the book shelves titled Exercise for Mood and Anxiety by researchers Michael Otto, PhD (Boston University) and Jasper Smits, PhD (Southern Methodist University). Both are leaders in the field of exercise and the effect it has on mood. I have also had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Otto.

Think about those days when your tired or just not feeling 100% then you go out for a run, or workout and you get that "runner's high feeling" - well there is a lot going on internally in the brain and body that give you that feeling of euphoria. Exercise, if used properly, can have a dramatic effect and play an important role in your anxiety and mood level - check out their book and follow their Exercise Prescription in chapter 7 and you too will feel the effects...and now know the reason behind it all.


Janett Brown said...

There is a proverb which says: "the good brain is in the healthy body." I've always believed that exercising is very important for health. And one of the arguments I've given is that the Pharons for example, and the other ancient cultures used to live a long time. I think this is because they were working so hard and not just sitting in front of the computers all the time.
Thanks for this great post.

Michael Wood said...

Hi Janett:

Great comment - thank you - I am writing down your quotes now - love them! I attended Springfield College many moons ago and they said it best - exercise develop "body, mind and spirit."

There is a whole new area of study now called inactivity physiology(partly because of the use of technology). You could exercise for an hour and then spend the rest of the day - driving to and from work and sitting at a computer for hours at the office - if that is the case - most of the benefit of the exercise session could be negated.