Sunday, October 9, 2011

Balance Your "Cycle" and Exercise: Tips You Need to Know

Most women know that menstrual cycles can  cause some pretty unpleasant symptoms like depression, anxiety, cramps, and bloating that make you feel like not doing much of anything, especially working out.  On the plus side however, exercise can actually be beneficial and helpful at this time of the month.  Physical activity releases endorphins into the body which can improve your mood and get rid of feelings of depression or anxiety and it also increases the blood flow, loosening muscles in your lower abdomen, back, and thighs.
Here are some tips from Leah Britt, Certified Personal Trainer/ Nutritionist of Premier Fitness Camp (a fivestar fitness resort in Park City, Utah) on how to work through menstrual symptoms while exercising such as:

·        Include physical activity in your daily routine, overall. Women who participate inregular physical activity generally report fewer PMS symptoms.

·        Skip the salt. Limiting the amount of salt in your diet can help prevent water retention which is a main symptom of one’s menstrual cycle. Pay attention to hidden sources of sodium, such as soy sauce, canned vegetables, soups and deli meats.

·        Drink plenty of water during your menstrual cycle. Your body will expel what it doesn’t need.

·        For yoga practitioners, avoid certain Yoga positions. Inverted poses during a woman’s period may be harmful them as the effect on the menstrual cycle is directly related to the duration of the inversion.

·        Use heat to relieve cramps so you can get to the gym and stick to your workouts.

About Premier FitnessCamp

Premier Fitness Camp is a world class, five star fitness boot camp resort, led by a physician-supervised staff of professional instructors. The entire team at Premier Fitness Camp, includingthe personal trainers, physicians, nutritionists, behavioral therapists, chefs, massage therapists and support staff, are dedicated to providing unprecedented, one-on-one personal care each guest, delivering a structure that sets you upfor success.  Winner of the “Best of State Utah 2011” award, its specially designed adult fitness programs deliver immediate and lasting weight loss results through sustainable lifestyle choices. Premier Fitness Campis located in world-famous Park City, Utah, home to renowned ski resorts andthe gateway to national parks and recreational areas.

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