Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exercise Improves Your Immune System.

Have you ever noticed when your exercising consistently you feel so much better and you seem to get sick less often?  It's trying to find the right ratio of exercise and recovery each week while utilizing the right intensity during that exercise that seems to be paramount in terms of keeping sickness at bay.  I have been following a great blog by physiologist Greg Wells, Ph.D, about the effects of extreme exercise on the human body and ultimately the immune system.

"A fascinating paradox in human physiology is the concept of a J-shaped relationship between exercise training and health. The “J-shaped hypothesis” suggests that, in general, people who exercise regularly experience fewer illnesses and infections than those who do not. The relationship is based on research that measured the number of upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs), such as the common cold, that people experience every year."

"So, in general, regular physical activity helps to strengthen the immune system and results in fewer infections than would be expected if a person did not exercise. But extreme exercise can cause the immune system to be compromised for a short period of time. For all the people who are participating in the physical activity challenge - not only will you have a higher level of fitness, but your immune system will be stronger. Keep it up!" (Greg Wells, Ph.D)

While on the topic of immune system, I had read a great book on the topic years ago that you may want to check out by Elinor Levy Ph.D, called The 10 Best Tools to Boost Your Immune System (Houghton Mifflin, 1997). The top ten list includes getting more of the following: Antioxidants, Minerals, Following a Low Fat Diet, Adding Herbs/Spices, Exercise, Reduce Stress, Strong Belief System, Strong Relationships, Stay out of Harm's Way, and Create Balance in Your Life.


fitness equipment said...

I totally agree with this! Exercise really improves immune system in good terms. Thanks for a great share!

Michael Wood said...

your welcome - it san area that most people do not realize - just another benefit of exercise that you don't see - thanks

flagyl said...

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your blog! I used to be a girl whom always take Medical leave. At least twice a month i'll be off from my work. But after start working out... my medical leave does reduce but still siting in front of the computer for too long it isn't that nice at all....

Possible to share some tips on office work out :)

that would be great ^.^