Sunday, March 18, 2012

Time Well Spent Today up on the Mountain

It was a beautiful climb up to Buck Hill on the Skyline Trail this morning. I was tempted to just continue climbing this morning but had some yard work waiting for me so I cut it short after 83 minutes. I was wondering why it was not as crowded on the trail, I only saw four people, then I realized many probably had a late night due to St. Patty's Day celebration. We also had somewhat of a late night following dinner at Spazio's with our group of nine friends (had a great piece of Salmon and some sweet potato risotto and asparagus, topped off with a nice glass of pinot noir). Still made it to the the Blue Hills by 8:15 though.

Thinking on the way up about workouts at Koko FitClub and made a mental list of some of the reasons why I'm still involved with SMARTraining after 7 years:

1. Continue to my build lean muscle level (eventually helps to "preserve" it).
2. Smartraining (3 strength/4 cardio a wk.) helps improve my everyday in/outdoor activities (like today hiking followed by a few hours of yard work).
3. Exercise also elevates my mood (keeps anxiety and stress at bay).
4. Helps in preventing weight gain.
5. Keeps my Metabolism "revving rather sluggish."

On a side note - had a great snack today - Edamame - in small packets (3:00 in microwave) give it a try!

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