Saturday, April 7, 2012

Is the Winter Hibernation Period Finally Over for You?

For many people (depending on geographical location) the winter months in the U.S. can become a road block to staying active. Luckily for some it was pretty mild this winter especially hear in the Northeast, so hopefully you were more active. Typically, the first quarter though can be a hibernation period where your body is not expending as many calories from daily activity and exercise as it may in other months. The result - a few unwanted pounds! The good news is it's spring and we are already out mowing the lawn, like today, and doing a little extra yard work and in turn we are beginning to increase our activity levels. In doing so, we begin to have more energy and our mood improves because we are doing what we were born to do - be active! Over the next month you will hopefully start to see a change in your body composition from all this extra activity that you're now doing.

To help you stay out of that hibernation period especially if you have a sedentary job (30-60 minute round-trip commute and 7 hours behind a desk) try the following:
  • Pay close attention to portion size when it comes to meals and snacks. Don't let your 150-200 calories snack turn into a 500+ calorie fourth meal!
  • Cut down your sugar consumption - read foods labels and pay attention to sugar content. 
  • Get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day.
  • Get up every 30-60 minutes from your desk and take a walk and move more.
  • Spend less time watching TV.
  • Start increasing your activity level during the day especially on the weekends.
New research out of Australia is telling us that we can still run into "trouble" (even if we exercise) if we live a sedentary lifestyle.

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