Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nutrition App Now Makes Shopping Much Easier

Eating out. Unplanned trips to the drive thru. Impulse buys at the grocery store. Fad diets. It’s a fact: sensible meal planning incorporating a healthy balance of foods is the only way to prevent unwanted overeating and snacking to help you lose weight successfully and keep it off.

Enter Ziplist, the popular digital shopping list and recipe box resource known for making the lives of everyday cooks infinitely easier. On May 22nd, Ziplist will launch the simplest way on the web to plan a week’s or month’s worth of meals, making it virtually effortless for dieters to plan out the healthy foods they should be eating each day.

Ziplist’s free Meal Planner will enable users to create a meal queue – just like Netflix for things you want to make sometime soon. Users can assign dates to different meals based on how much prep time they have; a more elaborate recipe can be saved for a Friday night family dinner, while a 5-minute meal might be perfect before Thursday night soccer practice. The ingredients for all their healthy meals can be added to their weekly shopping list in seconds, and easily integrated into the calendars of everyone in the family.

Ziplist also works hard to let users know about the recipes and money-saving coupons perfectly suited to their preferences, and since anyone can use ZipList through their website and free iPhone or Android apps, as long as you have your phone, your meal plan and shopping list are always with you. Ziplist's founder and CEO is Geoff Allen. 

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