Saturday, May 19, 2012

Small Changes are Key to Improving Health and Fitness

The cumulative effect of small changes are key to improving both your health and fitness level. Many are looking for the home run or the secret "ingredient" when it comes to trying lose weight or improve their fitness level. Start with a few small changes throughout your day that can be added to your workout and you will start to notice a change in the way you look and feel over the course of the next month.

-Drink more water first thing in the morning
-Make sure your eating breakfast
-Try squeezing in some activity like walking/hiking before work

-Workout at lunch time if your able and if not, go for a walk
-Add more protein to your lunch and avoid bread and fried foods
-Stand more at work rather than sitting for 6-8 hrs (make a standing work station)

-Make dinner your smallest meal of the day
-No eating within three hours of going to bed
-Cut down on your TV time

Finally, throughout the Morning/Afternoon/Evening watch your sugar and salt intake - this one simple tip will pay back big dividends in no time! If you're a female work on consuming 100 calories a day of added sugar (25 grams/day) and if your a male work on taking in 150 calories a day (38 grams/day).

If you can add a few of these tips in with your weekly strength and cardio routine, over the course of the next month, it will give you that boost that you have been looking for and will help get you ready for the summer season!


care for the elderly said...

The exercise is must if you have sitting job. You should take small amount in installments of 3 hours. This will help your stomach to digest the food. If you will eat a lot at a time, it will take time to digest. Chew the food well.

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