Sunday, September 30, 2012

5 Best Apps for Runners

You don’t really need technology to be a runner, but it certainly helps. There are all kinds of tools that can help you track your runs (including how fast and how far you run), measure your physical fitness and the progress you’ve made, and even monitor your nutrition. Of course, treadmills and other exercise equipment can help you to vary your routines and meet your fitness goals.

Besides the treadmill, you can get all of these other tools right in the palm of your hand. Smart-phone apps offer lots of functionality for runners to help them monitor their workouts and meet their fitness goals. Here are our 5 favorite apps for runners:


Available on Android and iPhone, this popular app has GPS monitoring to track your speed and distance. It then uses that information to estimate calories burned and to create a history of your workouts. You can also use it for other sports, like cycling, hiking, and swimming. Free.

Map My Run

This app does exactly what its name suggests: It maps your run using GPS technology. This is great for when you are running in a new territory or on an unmarked path and you don’t know how far you have run. The app will also keep track of your pace, elevation, and estimated calories burned. Available on iPhone. Free.


If you are training for a race and want to meet a specific personal goal, this app can help. Enter your training times for an estimate of how you will perform on race day and troubleshoot your workouts for better performance. You can also track swimming and cycling (the “tri” does stand for triathlon…). Available for iPhone. $1.99.

Run Coach Pro

Get your own personal running coach in this handy app, which provides training plans for a variety of races, including a 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon. You can get personalized plans, nutrition tips, and more. Available for iPhone. $5.99.

Livestrong Calorie Tracker

Nutrition is just as important as exercise, and this app helps you monitor what you eat to ensure you get the nutrition that you need. Track what you eat and compare it to your daily calorie goal. Includes a database of restaurant foods. Available for iPhone. $2.99.

What are some of your favorite apps for overall fitness or running? Share your finds in the comments!

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