Saturday, December 8, 2012

How Does No Holiday Weight Gain Sound for this Season?

Is it really possible to enjoy the holidays and not gain weight? According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the average amount of weight people gain during the holidays is actually only one pound! The problem is that we never take it off. So every year we gain yet another pound that eventually accumulates as years go by.

Dr. Michael Zemel, former Director of the Nutrition Institute at the University of Tennessee and Chief Science Officer of NuSirt Sciences, says that people don’t have to follow this trend.  He has these great tips for you to share with your readers to help everyone maintain or even lose weight during the holidays.

1. Enjoy your holiday meal, with no compromise!   It’s important to enjoy special meals with loved ones, but don't feast all weekend and make it a five-day affair. It's ok to throw out or give away leftovers and opt for healthier meals the next day. Try to keep it to one serving when it's time to eat. Don't go back for seconds.

2. Eat Before the Holiday Party. It is so easy to chow down as soon as you walk in the door. By eating before, you are more likely to hold-off until the main meal.

3. Stay away from alcohol.  A single glass of wine is 100 calories. A 1oz pour of your favorite liquor with a diet mixer is 100 calories. See the trend? Plus, when inhibitions are lowered those snacks and cheese bites are easier to give into.

4. Keep your weight loss goals realistic and track your behavior. Think of losing five pounds at a time, even if you have 80 pounds to lose. And use smartphone apps to track your progress - it will keep you honest and focused.

If you just make a few adjustments and don't go overboard, you should be able to maintain your goals throughout the holidays. For more about managing your weight, visit

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