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BOOKS (my exercise programs are featured in the following)
  • The Exercise Diet, Michael Wood, CSCS (New Street Communication, 2013 expected publication date)


    • Wood M. Assisted Stretching. NSCA Conditioning Instructor, 3:1, 3-4, 1993.

    ABSTRACTS (co-author)

    • Hughes VA, Zoico E, Akos R, Wood M, Frontera WR, Fiatarone Singh MA, Roubenoff, R. Musculoskeletal Endurance is Associated with Functional Status in the Elderly. Gerontologist 42(1): 354, 2002.
    • Hughes VA, Frontera WR, Fiatarone Singh MA, Evans WJ, Ward SF, Wood M, Roubenoff R. Thigh Muscle Area and Strength Loss Over 12 Years in Older Men. Medicine and Science in Sports Exercise, 31:5, 1999.
    • Roubenoff R, Weiss L, McDermott A, Cloutier G, Wood M. Effects of Resistance Plus Aerobic Training on Trunk Fat Content in HIV-Positive Men with Lipodystrophy. Medicine and Science in Sports Exercise, 31:5, 1999.
    • Hughes VA, Frontera WR, Wood M, Evans WJ, Roubenoff R, Fiatarone Singh MA. 10-Year Follow-Up of Muscle Strength in Older Men and Women. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 30:5, S72, 1998.
    • Roubenoff, R, McDermott, A, Wood, M, Suri, J, Fauntleroy, J, Shevitz, A. Feasibility of Increasing Lean Body Mass in HIV-Infected Adults Using Progressive Resistance Training. Medicine and Science in Sports Exercise, 30:5, S183, 1998.


    • Yarasheski, KE, Roubenoff R. Exercise Treatment for HIV-Associated Metabolic and Anthropometric Complications. Exercise and Sport Science Reviews, 29:4, 170-174, 2001.

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