Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finally Back in Flow with Yoga

I had been doing yoga consistently for two years as a small part of my weekly workout routine leading up to my February 2008 climb. Even though it was just once a week (on a rare occasion twice-weekly) it without a doubt helped increase my range of motion in my low back and hamstrings not to mention my lower legs (calf, achilies tendon). I believe all the downward dog poses we were doing at Open Doors Yoga in Hanover at the time were a big part of why I was successful with my climb. I have not done much yoga however since the climb. That all changed this morning at a 10 am yoga class. I ended up going to a great class this morning with my wife who goes to a cool studio on the East Side in Providence called Eyes of the World. As all the Yogis out there already know - it's not just about the movement (flow) but rather the breath and being in the moment. I need to get better at remembering that though - but I would definitely give it a try if your not already into it. It was great hour and half class and I look forward to getting back into the flow!

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