Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good Calories, Bad Calories

I am currently reading Gary Taubes book, Good Calories, Bad Calories (Alfred  A. Knopf, New York, 2007, 601 pgs.) In chapter 19 (pg. 314) he writes about some "general rules" of a successful diet. This list is from a group of physicians from Stanford University School of Medicine (1943) and is identical to what both Harvard Medical School (1948) and Cornell Medical School (1952) were saying at the time about obesity and what it takes for a diet to be successful:
Do not use sugar, honey, syrup, jam, jelly or candy.
Do not use fruits canned with sugar.
Do not use cake, cookies, pie, puddings or ice cream.
Do not use foods which have cornstarch or flour added.
Do not use potatoes, spaghetti, or noodles.
Do not use fried foods.
Do not use drink soda.

Some food for thought as your getting ready for the new year.

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