Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Series 7: Core Circuit

The following core circuit was part of my workout this (Tue.) evening. Monday, Wed. and Friday are dedicated to a full-body, strength training circuit performed on the Koko Smartrainer and this quick program gets wrapped around that. Before and after this core circuit I complete a set of weighted step-ups and rotator cuff exercises (internal/external rotation) using thera-tubing.

Series 7 Core Circuit: (no rest between sets)

-Reverse Abs with Medicine ball x 12
-Russian Twist w/ Med. ball x 12
-Side Plank (for time) x 6
-Bicycle Abs x 12
-Weighted Crunch x 12
-Bird Dog x 10 (each side, see above photo)
-Ab Slider x 12

(repeat for "x" sets)

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