Monday, December 26, 2011

Book Suggestions: Best Weight and Muscle Performance

I develop fitness content as part of my role as Chief Fitness Officer at Koko FitClub, so I keep up on the latest exercise science research, read many fitness books and blogs and subscribe to monthly newsletters such as Tufts Health Newsletter, Harvard Medical School, and the UCal Berkeley Wellness Letter to name a few.  Two of the better books that I have read recently are Best Weight: A Practical Guide to Office-based Obesity Management by Yoni Freedhoff, MD and Arya Sharma, MD and Optimal Muscle Performance and Recovery by Edmund Burke, Ph.D

From Best Weight - "Exercise is not a license to overeat, but if a patient is exercising for more than 45 minutes at a stretch, they should be advised to fuel themselves before exercise with about 150 carbohydrate-based calories to minimize post-exercise hunger and provide their muscles with adequate energy."

The authors also go on to talk about when most people try to lose weight they don't even register or underestimate the amount of liquid calories they take in on a daily basis especially from alcohol.  I also like the the way they talk about exercise not as a specific bout or amount of time but rather from a cumulative stand point. They talk about everything counts as exercise - from the 10 minutes walks to the stair-climbing at the office.

If you're looking for one definitive source for muscle recovery, look no further than Ed Burke's Optimal Muscle Performance & Recovery book. He has written many books but this has become my favorite! See a tribute to this great athlete and author here.

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