Monday, January 23, 2012

Annual U.S. Consumption of Food per Person

I saw this list in Wired Magazine (Feb 2012) and thought it was pretty interesting - nice to see both fruits and vegetables coming in as high as they did. The numbers are pounds for each food over the course of a year eaten in the United States only.  Now I need to figure out what 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables/day comes out to in pounds for a year...anyone?  How much higher do you think it would be above what is mentioned here? Take notice of the 50.1 pounds/yr. of corn syrup!!! Do you think the 194.5 pounds/yr. of Flour and cereal products or the 574.3 pounds/yr of Diary is adding to the obesity epidemic in our baby boomer age-group?

9 - Corn
15.8 - Fish/Shellfish
18.3 - Coffee/Nuts/Cocoa
32.8 - Cheese
37.1 - Eggs
46.6 - Pork
50.1 - Corn Syrup
56 - Chicken
58.1 - Beef
78.6 - Fats/Oils
194.5 - Flour/Cereal Products
257 - Fruits
390.9 - Vegetables
574.3 - Dairy (non cheese)

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