Saturday, June 6, 2009

Advantage of Having Active Teenagers

Obviously, having active children benefits the child first, but I am putting my selfish hat on for this post today. I went trail-running with my 14 year old daughter this morning. We ran and hiked a trail in the Blue Hills (Milton, MA) that we have done before but this time I "unleashed the beast" (personal joke I have with her). I told her to run ahead and "I'll try to keep up." Well, that was not the case. She kicked my butt. One of the many benefits of having active children, especially teenagers, is that they can help keep you active too. Case in point, she finished the course in about 57 minutes while I came down the final hill clocking in at 63 minutes. But as she reminded me - I did stop and talk to another hiker (who also happened to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro) that ended up adding a few additional minutes to my time. Lesson learned - you can always get a workout in with the kids but as they get older there is a chance that it may humble you a bit (photo of Julia by Terry Tarantelli-Louison).


Sarah Bowen Shea said...

SO cool that you and your daughter trail run together. I daydream of adventures like that with my kids when they get older.

Michael Wood, CSCS said...

Hi Sarah - at least you will more than keep up with them when the time comes. It is a lot of fun and on days when I may not feel like I really want to work out - I end up running, biking etc with her - bottom line is...she's great motivation for me! Hope all is well