Friday, December 11, 2009

Congratulations to Brian Kelly - New Notre Dame Coach

I could not have been more happier to hear an old childhood friend made it to the big time...again. Cincinnati football coach, Brian Kelly has had success at every level - from winning D2 titles up through the D1 ranks. His Cincy team finished 12-0 this year. Brian and I attended SJP together and he later played at Assumption. Congratulations Brian, I know your family, Dad and Paul are very proud.


john wall said...

I think Kelly will fit in extremely well at Notre Dame. He is a very talented offensive mind and a charismatic leader. I feel sorry for the Cincy players that lose their head coach right before they play the biggest game of their lives.

Michael Wood, CSCS said...

Hey John

your right -always tough on the players who play under these coaches. Cincy is picking up a good coach as well though - I believe both teams will end up better in the long run -- side note: we are big fans - my daugther plays hoops and loves your game - nice job vs UNC - all the best

Michael Wood, CSCS