Thursday, December 17, 2009

Create Your Own Fitness Eval. for 2010

As the New Year fast approaches many people start to think about their New Years resolution. Many of the "wishes" usually fall into joining a healthclub, getting in shape (i.e. losing wt.) or training for an event (i.e. 5k - marathon). What will your resolution be for the new year? A great start is to determine a baseline fitness level. There are many variables that you can look at and periodically monitor. Two simple ones are your waist-to-hip ratio and your percent body fat.

Take your waist measurement one inch above your navel and record the number. Men should not exceed 40 inches while women should not exceed 35 inches. Once you have your girth measurement for your waist try taking your hips next. To do this stand with your feet together and take a measurement around the middle of your buttocks. Divide the waist number into the hip number. For example, if your a male and your waist is 38 and hips are 41 - your ratio would be 0.93 - and the goal is to have that number be less than 0.95 if your a male and 0.80 if your a female. Try it - record the number and take a measurement again in three months. Also do the same with your body fat. Remember that college-aged males have about 15% body fat and women have 23% body fat. Keep in mind it's not what your bathroom scale reads - but rather what these two numbers are (along with other Biomarkers). Wishing you a healthy, stress-free New Year.


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Michael Wood, CSCS said...

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