Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Recent Climb in N.H.

A few weeks ago I went up North (about 2.5 hrs) to Waterville Valley, New Hampshire for a great day of hiking with a friend, Dr. K, who new the area well. The mountain we were attempting to climb was Mount Osceola a 4315-foot (1315 m) peak within the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We ended up getting to the first ridge (see photo) but due to a late start we had to turn back at that point and luckily we did because it was dark within a few hours of getting down to the base of the mountain and we still had a 3.9 mile hike ahead of us. Overall, it took us 6 hrs and 16 minutes and I figured I must have expended about 4000 calories throughout the day (body wt = 235 lbs).

Here is a list of the highest peaks in New England, time to get cracking or should I say "peakbagging".
The following is the current list of Four Thousand Footers of the White Mountains, along with their respective elevations (in feet), in descending order.
Washington: 6288 ft
Adams: 5774 ft
Jefferson: 5712 ft
Monroe: 5384 ft
Madison: 5367 ft
Lafayette: 5260 ft
Lincoln: 5089 ft
South Twin: 4902 ft
Carter Dome: 4832 ft
Moosilauke: 4802 ft
Eisenhower: 4780 ft
North Twin: 4761 ft
Carrigain: 4700 ft
Bond: 4698 ft
Middle Carter: 4610 ft
West Bond: 4540 ft
Garfield: 4500 ft
Liberty: 4459 ft
South Carter: 4430 ft
Wildcat: 4422 ft
Hancock: 4420 ft
South Kinsman: 4358 ft ("South Peak")
Field: 4340 ft
Osceola: 4340 ft

for the complete list click here


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