Tuesday, September 21, 2010


“Globesity” is fast becoming more of a problem than famine and under-nutrition, and has now reached a point where it is becoming a serious threat to the health of every nation striving for economic development."  Independent, Feb. 2002

I was reading a scientific journal article on Friday that had world-wide statistics on obesity and overweight. The paper was published in 1999 and I wondered what the latest numbers were showing. I found information on the World Health Organization (WHO) website (2004) that showed a signifcant rise in both numbers since this particular paper had been published.

world-wide numbers (for 1999) included 1.3 billion overweight and 300 million obese
world-wide numbers (for 2004) have risen to 1.7 billion overweight and 400 million obese.
prediction by WHO (for 2015) - 2.3 billion overweight and 700 million obese individuals worldwide.

The WHO defines "overweight" as a BMI equal to or more than 25, and "obesity" as a BMI equal to or more than 30.

The Lancet’s cancer journal, Lancet Oncology ... warns that the obesity epidemic — or “globesity” as the World Health Organisation termed it recently — threatens a public health crisis.
Guardian, Aug. 2002


Mar said...

I hope that people who have lots of foods should give those extra foods to the countries that are in famine to keep the world balance.
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Michael Wood said...

Now that is a great idea and I'm sure would indeed balance things out. Thanks for your response!