Friday, June 3, 2011

2 Great Android Apps That Are Free

Smartphones have advanced to the point where they can do almost anything. Rather than buying a dedicated handheld fitness partner, here are a few apps that will turn any Android phone into your personal trainer.

Run Keeper by Fitness Keeper

Run Keeper is a free running app for Android developed by Fitness Keeper inc. Run Keeper uses your phones internal GPS to keep track of both where your running and how fast. The app then tells you how many calories you’ve burned from your run and suggests ways to improve. It also uses Google Maps to help you plan the safest and most efficient route. Whether you’re an avid runner or a beginner, Run Keeper has numerous tools to help you stay in shape. Another good feature is the ability to plan a route based entirely on your comfort level. The app will start with a simple and easy route and slowly gain more and more difficulty with each day. Run Keeper can be downloaded from the Android Market for free.

Calorie Counter-My Fitness Pal by My Fitness Pal

Calorie Counter-My Fitness Pal is a calorie database and diary app for Android developed by Fitness Pal, LLC. Calorie Counter does exactly what it sounds like; it provides tools to keep track of calorie consumptions. What makes Calorie Counter so much better than the numerous free calorie diary apps is it’s enormous database of calories in food. Eat at a fast food restaurant and not sure how many calories were in your email? Simply search the database and Calorie Counter likely already has the total. Another amazing feature is a built in bar code reader. This means you can put the barcode of almost any food product in your smartphones camera viewfinder, and the app will scan it. The app can then tell you how many calories the product has per serving. Calorie Counter-My Fitness Pal can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.

Bio: Aside from school and working part-time as an Assistant Chef, Bridget Sandorford is the resident Culinary Schools blogger where recently she’s been researching food stylist training courses as well as popular cooking schools of interest to aspiring culinary students. She lives outside of Charleston, South Carolina.

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