Saturday, August 20, 2011

8 Tips to Avoid Creeping Obesity

The following blog post was taken from the Koko FitClub blog. Calories always seem have a way of "sneaking" in throughout the day...don't they?  A few extra hundred calories here and there can quickly add up to unwanted weight gain. Add these 8 tips into your own nutritional life-style program.

Be aware of liquid calories. The average person consumes an extra 450 calories a day from soft drinks, sports drinks, juice, iced tea, alcohol, etc. This can add up to almost a pound/week!

We all suffer from portion distortion these days- don’t be a victim! Keep portion sizes no bigger than the size of your fist.

Avoid fast food restaurants. A typical lunch time meal at McDonald’s can total a whopping 1650 EMPTY calories!

Skip the late night eating. This is a time where many of us tip the scales and exceed our daily caloric needs and after 8 PM, your metabolism begins to slooowwww down.

Naturally curb you hunger and cut down on the calories you take in at each meal by first drinking two 8 ounce glasses of water.

 Limit the sports bars. Some brands contain as much as 500 calories! Or, try eating a half a bar at a time.

Eat a healthy high protein breakfast. Not only will it require more calories to digest, it will stick with you until lunch so you don’t fall victim to a caloric snack attack before lunch.

Sharing is nice. When eating out – if you can’t skip dessert all together – split portions among your dinner companions.

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