Friday, October 12, 2007

Club Industry - Day 1

The first day of the Club Industry show went extremely well. This was - in my opinion - one of the busiest shows I have been to date. Working out of the Star Trac booth gave us a competitive advantage right from the start. The hours of the show were from 12:30 - 5:30 and Dave Canter and I were doing demos on the Koko Smartrainer before the show even opened. The next thing I new it was 3 PM - we were both busy that whole time doing demos. Star Trac booth #701 was the biggest and busiest booth from what I could see. In addition to the demos being done on the Koko Smartrainer they had demos on their Human Sport equipment as well as demos on their circuit line and with their spinning equipment. They had a great juice bar that was drawing a lot of attention :>)

CBI Magazine came buy and did a photo shoot involving the Koko Smartrainer - taking a few pictures of the machine itself and other pictures with Dave on the machine surrounded by a bunch of people he was giving a demo to. They were looking for innovative products. I spoke to people who "came to the show just to see Koko." I had more than a few people say this was "coolest product at the show."

The whole Star Trac team was extremely helpful bringing prospects by for demos and the whole flow of the booth was great. We will have some pictures soon that Jake shot on Thursday.

Today we have early morning workout from 7-9 am and the exhibit hours today (Fri) are from 11:30 to 5:30.

Prior to the show yesterday I moderated another talk on corporate fitness with Marc Onigman. This talk focused on programming for corporate sites. There were a few trainers in attendance but most of the people who came were fitness directors from corporate sites from around the country.

Stay tuned - More to come from Chicago!

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