Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 2 and 3

(Fri. afternoon) Today's workout was focused more on keeping my heart rate elevated via the cardio equipment that I have compared to what was posted for "Day 1." The workout started with 10:00 on the bike followed by 5:00 of dynamic warm-up. By this point I'm starting to actually get my body warm (it's 32 degrees in the garage today...I know, better than yesterday). I'm now ready for a little rowing on my Concept II erg. and did an easy 5:00 at D6 for 1180 meters. This was followed by some interval work on the bike. I did an an 8:00 piece on the bike that used a 1:1 work to rest ratio meaning I worked hard (high heart rate) for a certain amount of time, in this case it was for 1:00 followed by 1:00 of easy riding (recovery). This was performed - you guessed it 4x - my 1:00 of work reached to 300+ watts on the bike - you could also use heart rate if you like or a specific watt or rpm range. Think less about target heart rate zone training (steady state) and more about interval training because we are working out for only 30:00. The amount of time, as well as the (work/rest) ratio, can obviously change depending on your goal.
I finished the workout with 3x10 (3 sets of 10 reps) of chest press and biceps curl on the Koko Smartrainer. Each subsequent set was roughly 40 lbs heavier. Total time: 35:00 (work + recovery).

Please read this NY Times story to get a better understanding on how to become more effecient with your time when working out.

(Sat. morning) Have you ever had a workout where you experienced that "exercise high" often refereed to a "runner's high"? Well, I had one this morning. Great session. Could of been because what I had on my iPod = new Cold Play album - FREE download. Anyway, started off with pushing an inch or so of light snow off the driveway and back patio (15:00+) followed by 7:00 on the bike. Today's Circuit looked like this:

(1st Circuit - all circuits perform with no rest between exercises)
1. DB Step-up (use one 30 lb. DB x 6 reps.)
2. Pull-ups x 6 (using a TRX device)
3. Push-ups x 6
4. Bird Dog x 6
5. Ab Slide x 6 (using an Ab Slide - see photo below)
6. DB Push Press x 30 x 6
7. DB Biceps Curl x 6
8. Triceps Pushdown x 6

(2nd Circuit)
1. DB Step-up (use two 30 lbs DB x 8)
2. Pull-ups x 8
3. Push-ups x 8
4. Bird Dog x 8
5. Ab Slide x 8
6. DB Squat to Press 30 x 6 (note: exercise progression)
7. DB Curl 30 x 8
8. Triceps Pushdown x 8

(3rd circuit)
1. DB Step-up
2. Pull-ups x 10
3. Push-ups x 10
4. Bird Dog x 10
5. Ab Slide x 10
6. DB Squat to Press 30 x 10
7. DB Curl x 10
8. Triceps Pushdown x 10

(time: 31:00)

note: I increased weight whenever possible. If your a beginner this could be a body weight circuit. A beginner would also use recovery time between each exc. more advanced = no rest between exc. If your more advanced, increase load, wear a weight-vest, perform 30-60-90 sec. of aerobic exc between exc. - you get the picture).

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